Windows Live Family Safety Settings

WLSafety icon.gifFinally a new Windows Live service to blog about (the first of several!):

Family Safety Settings is an easy-to-use parental control application that is designed to monitor, control and filter online activity. By creating specific accounts for your children, you can view activitiy reports showing what websites they have visited and adjust their content filters accordingly. The service can also be disabled by parents wanting to use the Internet without restrictions, not that parents have something to hide ;-)

The technology behind this service is similar to the Windows Vista Family Safety feature, which makes me curious as to why they decided to offer it as an online service as well. It would have been yet another reason to upgrade if you were a concerned parent. Regardless, this shows that online safety is definitely a key part of Windows Live, not merely one or two services available at the side as it first appeared.

Beta invitations were being sent out yesterday for this upcoming Windows Live service, which goes by the codename "Vegas" (think Sin City).