Windows Live Favorites Refresh Release Imminent

WLFavorites icon.gifToday, Microsoft notified testers of Windows Live Favorites, its "roaming favorites" solution, of the impending release of new features in a coming refresh. An email from the beta team read:

"I'm sure you all have noticed that we did not have a refresh in January, like I said we would. When I wrote my last email the release was scheduled and most of the prep work was complete. But the team decided that there were several features that were not working together as well as we would like. So rather then send you something incomplete, the team decided to wait until it was ready. Its now been a while sense the last refresh and we are all ready to get this one out and I know you'd like bugs fixed and something new to test and play with.
There is some good news, in the last 2 weeks we released a new Live Favorites Module for You know about the option to 'Share' your Favorites? Well, now all your favorites that are marked as 'Share' will display on your page. Very Cool.
That is just one of several new features that will be coming to you, soon. No, really, soon, as in, "In the near future".
I know you are going to like the next release, so hang in there and I'll send an update as soon as the release is ready."

More details to come…