Interview with Phil Holden #2

This interview with Phil mainly focuses on Windows Live Mail and the upcoming Windows Live Mail Desktop Client. This is the first of several interviews we will be posting this week.

0.00 Introduction
0.17 Windows Live Mail: M5 update
5.34 Windows Live Mail: Long term strategy and development
6.35 email accounts
8.25 Live Mail competitors
9.36 Live Mail storage – not "unlimited," just "Growing with you"
10.36 Live Mail Premium users, what will they gain?
11.27 Windows Live Mail Desktop Beta
16.20 Windows Live Expo: Public USA beta 
18.35 Payment options
19.40 Windows Live Call
21.16 Standalone app?
22.09 Windows Live Call v Skype
23.19 Windows Live and the Origami device
24.08 End

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