Kahuna milestone 5 details announced and we have screenshots!

WLMail icon.gifSteve Kafka, PM of Hotmail, today blogged about the new features of the "M5" release of Windows Live Mail beta [codename Kahuna], which is expected to be released Thursday. The feature list includes:

 – Hotmail classic theme with new improvements and features for browsers other than Internet Explorer 6 or later 
 – Pick your own colour scheme 
 – Offline mail and more with Windows Live Mail Desktop client 
 – New user wizard 
 – Configurable reading pane, plus toolbar control to change it
 – Outlook-like shortcuts 
 – Contact picker when composing a new message 
 – Find in contacts via word wheel
 – Spaces contact card integration 
 – Custom filters/rules for incoming mail 
 – Check for new messages, empty all junk mail, and empty all deleted items buttons 
 – New OOBE [out of box experience] for first time users to discover new features and change options 
 – And overall performance improvements

Read the mail call space for more details and check out our screenshots: Hotmail classic, Colour picker, Pink scheme, Windows Live Mail Desktop.