Windows Live Mail Desktop

During my interview with Phil Holden, Director of Windows Live, we discussed the upcoming beta of Windows Live Mail Desktop.

This free desktop client integrates fully with existing Live services, allowing you to access your Live Mail accounts without opening your browser. As well as this, the client provides access to other email accounts via POP and IMAP, integrates with Windows Live Desktop Search and Live Contacts and includes an RSS reader. Despite being ad-supported like Live Mail, Premium users will have an ad-free experience.

Would it be fair to call this Outlook Express Live? Perhaps. However this is definitely something users have been requesting for a long while now. For those who are keen to give this a try, the beta program will start in a few weeks time.

There is more information on this beta during the interview I did, a screenshot is included below (Click to enlarge). More screenshots coming shortly hopefully.

Interview with Phil Holden

Update: The team blog has gone live here.