Windows Live Expo Launched

Expo pic logo.jpgYesterday (Feburary 28th), Microsoft made their social listing service, Windows Live Expo, available to the public. Last week, we told you that the beta would be up this week. Well, here it is, amidst all of the craziness that Feburary 28th brought for LiveSide.

Expo includes features such as:
 – Selling and browsing items with only your friends.
 – Creating groups of trusted buyers and sellers (by schools or companies).
 – Virtual Earth integration so you can see where the listings are coming from.
 – Instant messenging with other Expo members to work out deals.
 – Easy 3 step listings.

So, head on over to Windows Live Expo, create your profile and start the bartering!

Press release: Windows Live Expo Beta Now Available to U.S. Consumers

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