Interview with Moz Hussain of Spaces

Spaces icon.gifI interviewed Moz Hussain, a Product Planner for Spaces, last week, talking about how Windows Live will change Spaces, how it is changing the way the Spaces team works, and what to expect from Spaces in the coming months. We talked about some of the differences between Spaces and MySpace, about safety and security, and where Spaces fits in with IM and email as a communication service. You can listen to the interview here, on mp3. Be sure to check out Moz's blog: Moz at Work

00:59 How will Windows Live change Spaces?
03:05 How has your job changed because of Windows Live?
04:41 The three core pillars of Spaces
06:52 On payouts and rewards coming up in Spaces
09:22 Talking about MySpace
13:00 On building security and safety into Spaces
15:24 On codes of conduct
18:11 Where Spaces fits in communication services
21:36 Hiring and differentiation are the biggest challenges