Windows Live Search beta, new and Windows Live Toolbar icon.gifIt all went down last night, with Windows Live Search Beta being announced along with seeing a large refresh. And as I promised, a new toolbar beta that has seen Microsoft announcing its purchase of OnFolio.

From the press release:, the fast, customizable home page for Windows Live, also released a significant upgrade today, including a new design and features that help users quickly customize their home page, preview content, create multiple pages based on their interests, and add their favorite content from millions of information sources and RSS feeds. For the first time, Windows Live Search is now available on, as are several new, advanced search services that include the ability to add persistent search results to one's home page, subscribe to RSS feeds directly from search results, and view search results in the advanced contextual format. New and updated gadgets are also available, including image search, a clock, Windows Live Favorites, stock quotes and weather. MSN Video and MSN Infopane offer easy access to popular MSN content.

Screenshots: First Run Setup, New UI, New Search integration, Multiple pages, Renaming of pages, Mouse over item preview

Brandon, who attended SearchChamps and saw all this stuff demoed, has more details of what went live last night. What do you think of the updates? Like them or hate them, let us know.

Press Announcement: Microsoft Unveils Windows Live Search Beta

Update: More info has now been posted on the team blog.