Windows Live Toolbar available

WLToolbar icon.gifAlthough isn't live yet, I bring good news, the direct download link for the new Windows Live Toolbar beta. Get it now.

As I mentioned yesterday, it includes OnFolio as well as the following features:

 – Standard MSN Toolbar features including Form Filler, Tabbed Browsing, Pop-up Blocker, Highlight tool.
 – Feed Detector – Add web feeds to your homepage direct from the Toolbar. Supports both RSS and atom feeds. Feed Detector button turns orange to notify that a web feed is available, then click to add to
 – Extensions for Messenger/Mail/Spaces. Allows you to only install the buttons you want.

Unfortunately the installer seems to crash when installing components through the initial wizard, however they complete normally when using the Component Manager.

Screenshots: Install, Setup Wizard UK, Setup Wizard US, Components Management, Onfolio Setup

Update: I posted this in the comments but I figured I'd make it more obvious. Windows Live Toolbar uninstalls Desktop Search, however you can install the new version (2.6.5 beta) posted here.

Update 2: Brandon Paddock from the Windows Desktop Search team left a comment saying that the new toolbar installer includes WDS, however you should restart when prompted otherwise your installation will not operate correctly until you do so.