Windows Live Toolbar release imminent

WLToolbar icon.gifAfter the update earlier of Windows Live Favorites, it was clear that Windows Live Toolbar was going to launch imminently, so here's a quick sneak peek before it goes live at

 – Standard MSN Toolbar features including Form Filler, Tabbed Browsing, Pop-up Blocker, Highlight tool.
 – Feed Detector – Add web feeds to your homepage direct from the Toolbar. Supports both RSS and atom feeds. Feed Detector button turns orange to notify that a web feed is available, then click to add to
– Extensions for Messenger/Mail/Spaces. Allows you to only install the buttons you want.

We've also heard there is a lot planned for VOIP integration, via Windows Live Call, however I'm not expecting that to be included in the initial toolbar beta.

Here's a preview screenshot (Yes I know it looks like a toolbar, but hey, some people are obsessed by toolbars. Just talk to Brandon or Paul ;-) )