Windows Live moves into video sharing

WLSoon icon.gifYes this is yet another unannounced upcoming service: Windows Live Video. As the name suggests, it provides a place for users to share their own video content with the world and will compete with existing services such as Google Video and YouTube.

Along with Windows Live Answers, this new video service was hinted at in Kip's recent interview with Moz Hussain (6.00 min):

"Spaces…allows me to aggreate all of the things that represent me and my life, my story in some way so that I can share those to the world….So I can aggregate things that I'm posting in different places, whether it's a restaurant review, whether its photo from my holiday, whether its my favorites video clips and movies…"

Much like Googe Video, Windows Live Video will also permit the buying and selling of premium content, though how this will affect the existing MSN Video service that is already being expanded we don't know. We're expecting Live Video to become publicly available in the April, at the same time as the first wave of Windows Live product launches.

This new service takes our count of Windows Live services close to 30 and even we are starting to find it difficult to keep track of all of them. Windows Live is really starting to get interesting now – is any online service safe from its clutches?