Windows Live ID to include multiple credential support

WLIDLogo.pngFor everyone out there that tries to juggle mutiple passports for Microsoft's services, Live ID finally has the solution. In their release of Windows Live ID, Microsoft will include a utility, named Windows Live Sign-in Assistant, which will allow the user to manage their various Live ID's across all Windows Live services.

This applet will come as a component in Windows Live Messenger or Windows Live Toolbar. Built to ensure quick access to different accounts, the Windows Live Sign-in Assistant will let you save multiple Windows Live ID accounts and passwords, all available on the new sign in page, for Windows-style login.

In addition, you will also be able to assign different display pictures (think Messenger icons) for your different accounts, for quick identification. Most likely, you will be able to carry this same display icon throughout all of your Windows Live services (Messenger, Mail, Expo, Spaces), thus maintaning the consistent experience which Microsoft is striving to achieve.

Being dependent on Active X technology, this feature will only be available when using Internet Explorer 6 or above. Although this will be fairly disappointing to loyal non-IE users, it's still nice to see Microsoft diving into the world of AJAX goodness!