Interview with Leah from the Messenger team

Today I interviewed Leah, a Program Manager on Windows Live Messenger and one of the bloggers on the team blog: MessengerSays. As a result of the blog, Leah is in the process of switching to a more user-oriented role within the team, which hopefully will see user feedback having more influence over where the product goes.

Leah doesn't give many hints as to what we can expect in the near future from Messenger, however i'll give you two reminders: #1 and #2. In case you don't understand the second one, take a look at the screenshot in this recent post on social networking.

0.00 Introduction
0.48 Why the dramatic change in the Beta UI?
2.05 Status icons
3.05 Windows Live integration
4.36 Leah's best new feature
6.05 Windows Live Messenger for developers
8.39 Messenger team blog
12.40 Leah's new role
16.20 Tabbed Chatting
16.57 Blog v Beta tester feedback
18.30 Leah's acceptance speech
18.47 How feedback can actually bring results
20.07 End

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