The Shakeup is here

WLSoon icon.gifMicrosoft issued an official statement today about the restructuring of the "Platforms and Services Division." In an effort to transform MSN and Windows Live into a more efficient organization, changes in leadership are being to meet their three goals.


 – Advance Microsoft's software plus services and Live strategy
 – Increase Microsoft's agility in delivering innovation to customers
 – Target new growth opportunities related to Windows Live services, online advertising and solutions in emerging markets

In the press release, Microsoft listed the changes in leadership:

The new PSD organization will be made up of eight new and existing groups: the Windows and Windows Live Group, led by Steven Sinofsky, senior vice president; the Windows Live Platform Group, led by Blake Irving, corporate vice president; the Online Business Group, led by David Cole, senior vice president; the Market Expansion Group, led by Will Poole, senior vice president; the Core Operating System Division (COSD), led by Brian Valentine, senior vice president; the Windows Client Marketing Group, led by Mike Sievert, corporate vice president; the Developer and Platform Evangelism Group, led by Sanjay Parthasarathy, corporate vice president; and the Server and Tools Business Group, led by Bob Muglia, senior vice president.

In addition, Senior VP, Yusuf Mehdi will be moving to the position of Chief Advertising Strategist to shape the way in which the division deals with online advertising. As noted above, the newly formed Windows Live Platform Group will be headed up by Blake Irving. His role in the company will be to manage the Windows Live and Office Live platforms.  

Update: Brandon pointed out in the comments that Blake Irving will infact be managing the platform components of Windows Live, the rest of Windows Live falls under Sinofsky.

Official Microsoft Press Release