The web of lies that is InfoCard

WLIDLogo.pngWhen will people learn: InfoCard is not replacing Microsoft Passport. To quote Trevin:

Today, Passport supports email address with either passwords or mobile PINs as credential types. Infocard will simply be another credential that will be supported by Passport. In other words, Infocard will not replace Passport, but rather Infocard will supplement Passport. So in a nutshell:
1. Infocard will not be replacing Passport, contrary to the popular belief, rumour and conjecture.
 2. Infocard will be another accepted credential type for the Passport network. You will be able to link an Infocard to your Passport and use it to access Microsoft, MSN and Windows Live services.

If only this journalist had paid attention and written possibly the worst first line of an otherwise interesting article on InfoCard. Definitely worth reading if you don't know what InfoCard is all about, just ignore the first sentence 😉

While I'm on the subject of InfoCard, Kim Cameron the Microsoft Identity guru has enabled InfoCard login on his blog. Check it out.