Windows Live Mail Desktop Photo Mail: Previewed

maildesktop.pngPreviously available in MSN's Premium client, Photo Mail is back and looking better than ever in Windows Live Mail Desktop. This built in feature will allow you to easily manage which photos you want in emails, let you add captions, and even give the ability to make minor edits. Seen below, you can get your creative juices flowing by adding backgrounds and borders. Perhaps the best part of this tool is that the images are not attached to the email, rather they are uploaded to the Windows Live servers so that your friends and family do not have to deal with downloading huge emails. Here is the final product which arrives in your contact's email inbox. If these little thumbnails aren't enough to satisfy your thirst for high quality images, they've got you covered there too. All you need to do is hit "Play slideshow" and ta-da a handy picture viewer (courtesy of the Spaces Team) will pop up. This feature is, without a doubt, still a work in progress. The features and how they work are still being experimented with and tweaked. So, here's your chance to get your input into the product. Leave a comment here and let the team know what you think, you can bet they'll be watching! Vlada Breiburg's Team Blog Post Dare Obsanjo introduces Photo Mail