Windows Live to get Product Search

WLSearch icon.gifAfter posting about Windows Live Academic Search last week, yet another new search product has entered our radar. This time it's Windows Live Product Search, and like its cousins Image Search and Feed Search, it too will be integrated into the standard Windows Live Search service. In a manner similar to Froogle, Product Search performs price comparison on products and allows the user to refine the search results by category, brand, seller or specific keywords. Maintaining the same feel as the other Windows Live Search services, Product Search also includes the richness slider, allowing users to show or hide metadata relating to the products.

It is also rumoured that as well as including expert or user-provided buying guides, Product Search will also provide access to discussions on products from articles and blog posts, something Froogle does not yet do. There are some interesting scenarios available for Product Search. Adding it to via a gadget, for example, would allow users to track price movements for particular products from their peronsalised homepage. Another possibility would be using Windows Live Alerts to notify the user that the price has dropped below a pre-specified amount, giving a link to the relevant seller so they can purchase it direct from their mobile device.

Whatever Microsoft decides to do with Product Search, you can be sure that Windows Live Shopping and Expo will have some part to play.