Social Networking in Windows Live Messenger

Spaces icon.gifDare Obasanjo talks about a new Social Networking tool to come to Windows Live Messenger called "Friends List". It allows you to add friends to a social network of your very own. Here's how Dare describes it:

Australian users of Windows Live Messenger will have three integration points for interacting with the Friends List. The first is that one can right-click on Messenger contacts and select "View->Friends List" to browse their Friends List. Another integration point is that one can respond to pending requests from people to add them to your Friends List directly from Messenger client (this is also the case with other features like Live Contacts). Finally, one can also browse the Friends List from their Contact Card. Below is a screenshot of what happens when an Australian user right-clicks on one of their Messenger contacts and selects "View->Friends List".

You can see the screenshot by heading over to Dare's blog post. The Friends List feature is currently available to only Australian Messenger users currently. Chris originally posted about new Social Networking features, including the Friends List, on March 10th. Click here for the original post.

note: posted by Brandon LeBlanc