Windows Live Mail Desktop gets back on track

maildesktop.pngI will be the first one to admit it, I was having some serious doubts about the future of Windows Live Mail Desktop, that is until the latest build was released to the public. Prior to the recent build, WLMD was fairly unusable due to performance issues, but those issues that troubled me in the past appear to be resolved at this point in the development cycle. The latest build (932) is sleek, intuitive, and responsive.

Windows Live Mail Desktop may be the killer application that carries Windows Live. Say goodbye to Outlook Express because once you try out WLMD, you will never be switching back. Mail Desktop features seamless integration with MSN and Live email addresses, pulling down all of your folders and emails, also making sure that everything is synced up with their servers. This is a key feature for me for one key reason: I am not tethered to one application on one computer. I can use Mail Desktop on my main computer and still check my mail from the web based Windows Live Mail interface, or when I'm out on my phone. Everything syncs up and works flawlessly.

Aside from email, WLMD also features and RSS and newsgroup reader. Here are the most recent changes, as listed on the Morethanmail Blog: – Lots of work on performance – AutoDetect for adding email accounts – Contacts and RSS management improvements – New search folders for RSS and Newsgroups The Mail Desktop team has definitely set the bar high with this release. Can anyone top them?

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