Microsoft’s social search? You mean Windows Live Answers…

WLQnA new icon.jpgBusiness Week:

Microsoft plans to unveil a question-and-answer social-search tool in the coming months, says Justin Osmer, senior product manager for MSN. The feature will let users direct questions to a specific universe, such as a group of friends, rather than to get automated lists of results from a generic search engine

Sound familiar?:

This new community site, with it's Spaces tie-in, will allow Windows Live users to pose questions (unanswered via search), have them answered by other users, be able to rate answers by others, and be rewarded for answering questions and having the best answer, as rated by other users. Details on this supplement to search and the reward system are currently unclear, but the new credit/point/rewards are alluded to when Moz Hussain talks about "answering good questions in community q & a" in our recent interview with him.

Eurekster is probably not something we'll see immediately, espeically given that the service is just about to begin its external beta program. Check back soon to see more information about Windows Live QnA (heck we've even got the icon ;-)