New Messenger Features On the Way

WL Messenger Logo.gif
The Messenger Team is poised to release new features into the imminent Windows Live Messenger April refresh, including:

Windows Live Today: The Windows Live replacement of MSN Messenger's MSN Today pop up box when you sign in to Messenger.

Encrypted Contacts: You can now choose to encrypt you buddy list when it is stored on your PC, so no one can steal your friends away from you.

More Windows Live Call Integration: Now, when making a call using Windows Live Call, your status will automatically change to "On the Phone".

Device Support: Device support for Windows Live Phone interfaces.

New UI: The new UI, show previously here at LiveSide , will also make its debut.  

Please note its unknown at this time if the Device Support features will make it in to any new build that's given out to Beta Testers or even the final product.

note: posted by Brandon LeBlanc