Jean-Philipe: Talking about Windows Live’s role in the Web 2.0 Revolution

WLSoon icon.gifLast week, interviewed Jean-Philippe Courtois, Microsoft's International Director, about (among many other things) Windows Live's role in the Web Services uprising that we have all been witnesses to lately. Although many are proclaiming the end of "software," Courtois simply offers that we are just seeing a new way in which we use the software. He even goes on to say that he would place Windows Live as a major player in the Web 2.0 movement. Web 2.0, in his words, is a new way of consuming information on the internet so that you can personalize your own experience. This interview also details his views on Xbox 360 and Windows Vista.

The interview was originally written in French, so you can see it in its original text below, or translated into English. (Yes I realize that its a Google translated page, but until Windows Live offers a competitive solution, this is what we will be using. I don't think we will have to wait too long for that. ;) )

Discussion with the International Director of Microsoft (French) Translated Version (English)
Please note that the translation may be a little bit rough, but it was the best that we could come up with for now.