.tel to rival Microsoft’s Live Contacts?

windows live jewel.pngAccording to CNN, plans are in the works for the new ".tel" domain names to go into effect sometime in the near future. The concept behind .tel is to store all of your contact information (Phone numbers, addresses, websites, .etc) in one place. Also, some propose that you will even be able to place calls from a webpage with web based applications. Sound familiar? Well it should. Microsoft's already implemented Live Contacts lets users subscribe to updates in their friends' contact information. In combination with Windows Live Call (and Free Call for businesses), you can call your contacts directly from your computer.

On top of that, integration with Windows Live Local allows you to map addresses using Microsoft's Virtual Earth technology. Its tight integration with Windows Live Mail, Spaces, and Messenger make it easy to manage you contact's information in different ways, based upon applications. There is no need to wait for the .tel domain names. As Microsoft opens up its API's for Live Contacts to developers, integrating contact information into any website should be easy. If you have not already, I strongly recommend checking out Live Contacts. If you are looking for a solution very similar to those which may, at some point, be offered by .tel domains, Windows Live already has you covered.

Internet agency considers ".tel" domain name