Microsoft and Vexcel finalise acquisition

WLLlocal icon.gifWe're hearing that the Microsoft and Vexcel deal is now formally agreed and the acquisition is final, so expect an announcement soon. Vexcel will become part of the Virtual Earth Business Unit and as such no longer take on new clients. Vexcel specialises in: – Advanced Radar Technologies – Mapping and Photogrammetric Solutions – Satellite Ground Systems

Original acquiring announcement

Update: An MSN spokeperson declined to comment on this story, saying:

"Microsoft has entered into an agreement with Vexcel Corporation to acquire the company. The agreement requires regulatory approval in the United States and in certain EU countries (Germany and Italy). More details will be available once the deal is closed. The acquisition is part of Microsoft's exciting vision to deliver a dynamic, immersive digital representation of the real world that provides the best local search and mapping experience to consumers, businesses and government. Vexcel's people, products, and services will play a key role in helping Microsoft deliver on this vision."