Windows Live to manage your VoiceMail

WLMobile icon.gifAre you tired of checking your voice mail from home, your office, AND your mobile phone? Do you want to be able to manage all of your voice mail from one central location? Well, believe it or not Windows Live will offer the solution: a VoiceMail Aggregation service. Managed by the new Windows Live ID and Live Accounts technologies, VoiceMail Aggregation will give you the ability to store voice mail from your different phone numbers, all in the same place. This service provides the capabilities to store the voice mail in three different audio formats: MP3, WAV, and WMA. Your preference for file formats can be changed on the fly, anytime you want.

Adding a phone number to your account is fairly painless in comparison to the convenience that the service will provide. First, you must select your carrier from an already approved list. Next, you will have to enter your account information for your cell service. Last, verify that your phone number and information are correct and you are all set to go. You can add, delete, and manage all phone numbers associated with your Live ID credentials with ease from your Account page. Finally, there is a simple way to keep all of your voice mail local and digitized. This will make it easy to organize your important voice mails and refer back to them when needed. It is not clear exactly when this service will be available, but its definitely on the horizon and its coming. As always, we will have more on this exciting new service as it develops.