Windows Live Mail – The evolution continues

WLMail new icon.gifFor many users, the change from MSN to Windows Live will be most obvious when they first load their new inbox. The Windows Live user interface is a sharp change from the Hotmail one, a change that actually has been too dramatic for some users, hence the inclusion of the classic interface included in Live Mail since the last major update. Score one for listening to feedback.

Yet again though it seems as though the Live Mail team really is switched on to providing the best experience for the consumers, even if it means challenging accepted Microsoft practises along the way. The decision to drop the 2nd advertisement in Live Mail is probably the most obvious sign of how much of a departure from its previous online services Microsoft is making with Windows Live. User experience being put before monetization. It will be interesting to see then how this change is reflected elsewhere in Windows Live, given one of the major aims of the portfolio of services is to provide the user with a consistent user interface. (Some users are already experiencing Live Mail with just the one advertisement, as it is currently being trialled on a small number of accounts.)

Despite the team's progress, there are still many unaswered questions. What's Live Mail got to offer for premium users? How painful will the switch from to really be? Hopefully we'll be getting some answers soon, as with all the new Windows Live services, the next update is never far away.

 Source: – Hotmail's new address