Windows Live Mail gets less Ads

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Omar Shahine talks indepth about decisions made in designing Windows Live Mail and how they are making some changes to Windows Live Mail that puts the users inboxes more about email than ads and marketing.

Starting next month we are reducing the number of advertising from two graphical ads to a single ad in the inbox. The skyscraper will be gone from Windows Live Mail! I hope people see this as an olive branch from us to the user, and the advertiser. The users will be happier and more engaged, and the advertisers will ultimately benefit in the end. This change and its impact is an investment that we believe is a smart one to make. Everyone in MSN has been supportive of this decision and we wouldn't be making it if we didn't feel that it was the right thing to do and better for all of us in the long term.

Its a great post by Omar that acknowledges the problems in the past with Hotmail that the Windows Live Mail Team are hoping to change. Omar Shahine's Blog

note: posted by Brandon LeBlanc