What a week I’m having!

Just getting caught up from a whirlwind few days. Yes we held a dinner at Twist, in Seattle's Belltown, last night. Since Chris and Harrison were in town for MSAS, we thought it would be fun to meet up with some of the Windows Live folks, and it really was. Robert Scoble got fired up talking with Ken Levy on the Windows Live story, and it was gratifying to hear so much interest in what LiveSide was up to, and where we plan to go. No one spilled any beans, unfortunately, but it was a very good time. Hope we can do it again soon, all.

Speaking of Robert and Ken Levy, here's a developer link, Ken! (well, kind of, anyway) Celeb.local.live mashes up Virtual Earth and celebrity favorite hangouts (link from The Scobleizer via the Mappoint blog)

The third annual MSN Butterfly Tour was this week as well, and it turned out to be bigger and better than ever. Something like 20 product groups presented, and the days when product group aren't sincerely interested in early direct feedback from beta testers are long over, it seems. Thanks to Gary, Nadia, Ken, and the rest of the MSN Beta team for two inspiring days (and some killer Windows Live laptop bags).

Mix 06 has posted the complete set of sessions on video for download or online viewing. Live.com has released an update in direct response to user feedback. Channel 9 has a new video on the recent Windows Live Hack Day And finally Virtual Earth has a catch up post of their own.