Windows Live Product Search Launches

WLSearch new icon.gifMicrosoft has launched the beta of their product search for Windows Live. Windows Live Product search allows users to search through products offered by 10,000 resellers. The Product Search Team has also launched an official blog and here's a bit from them on Product Search:

At beta, the index will contain products from over 100,000 sellers and this number will continue to grow over time. The project started with the premise of enabling small businesses to be well represented in the index and to enable users to find hard-to-find and unique items. Working with Microsoft Research enabled us to productize the core technology which can algorithmically classify and extract product information from numerous online web sites. It is interesting to note that in addition to indexing products such as toaster ovens and chai tea, the system also indexes commercial offers for vacation rentals to automobiles.

Give Windows Live Product Search a try!

Thanks to Andrew Ma for the heads up!

note: posted by Brandon LeBlanc