Windows Live InfoCard STS goes live


What is the InfoCard Security Token Service? The InfoCard Security Token Service authenticates users based on the identity information provided by InfoCard and returns claims about that identity that can be used by relying sites. The InfoCard Security Token Service is nuilt on standard Web Services message security protocols, including SOAP, WS-Security and WS-Trust

Read more about Windows Live Infocard over at Live Labs. If you don't know what InfoCard is (and I don't really) you might like to read these articles or watch this Channel 9 video. Note that not all the links work yet, including the blog or forums. So Trevin, Infocard replaces Passport, right? ;-) (Via ActiveWin) PS: This has got to be the worst name, ever. Windows Live Mail Desktop looks like a breeze compared to this (Windows Live InfoCard Security Token Service).