Buy a picture of your house for $3?

WLLlocal icon.gifAn interesting tidbit in this morning's Seattle PI, in a story on Pictometry, the company that does the "bird's eye view" photography for Windows Live Local.

Microsoft already has begun making images available free on a new map site it is testing. Beginning in June, under a five-year licensing deal with Microsoft, visitors will be able to order Pictometry's close-ups of individual homes for $3 each, neighborhood-size tracts for $6 and square-mile panoramas for up to $25. People can use that high-resolution image to make prints and other items. The company would not discuss financial terms of its deal with Microsoft.

Apparently the news isn't supposed to be out yet, as evidenced by this post by Ry Jones in his blog "Mindless Bit Spew" So much for opsec