Interview with the Windows Live Product Search team

This is the last in the series of interviews that Chris and I conducted while we were in Redmond for the Strategic Account Summit. Windows Live Product Search actually launched the day before we conducted this interview, so the team was very excited to talk with us. This interview covers a basic overview of how Product Search works and where the team sees it going in the future.

0:00 Introductions
0:55 Overview of WL Product Search
1:54 How it works
3:15 Product Search as a discovery mechanism
3:48 Dealing with relevancy
4:57 Community features
5:55 Why so many different shopping sites?
7:40 Why is everything US only?
9:15 Local shopping
9:38 Wrap-up

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LiveSide with the WL Product Search team

Check out the Product Search team blog here.

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