Windows Live Mail M6 is here – Firefox supported (almost)

WLMail new icon.gifWindows Live Mail M6 has just shipped, with changes including: – Firefox support. Doesn't include Spell checker, resizable splitters between message list and reading pane. Does include drag and drop and signatures. – Policy Changes – Performance – Signatures – Don't auto select first message – Change colors on the fly – Subscribe to contact updates – Contact display name choice – Compose from anywhere – More Classic Hotmail improvements – Read more My first impressions of this update are good. Performance has noticeably improved, and the UI tweaks are subtle but effective. My only disappointment is that it doesn't yet feature the new Windows Live Vapor header, though how they plan to integrate that with advertising at the top of the page remains to be seen. In the mean time check out the screenshots I managed to grab. They also put a nice new loading graphic too :-) (Not got Windows Live Mail? Get it at

Modified UI with compose from anywhere (Click to enlarge):


On the fly settings (IE | Firefox):