Windows Live Search Announced…oh wait, What?

WLSearch new icon.gifMicrosoft has announced Windows Live Search, due to go into beta later in 2006. Now I know exacly what you're thinking: "But you can use Windows Live Search right now on why did they announce a new beta for later this year?" Well, the Windows Live Search that you are thinking of is A Windows Live Search, but not THE Windows Live Search that we are talking about. Confused yet? Well you should be. Microsoft has decided to name, for the time being, their upcoming desktop search application exactly the same as the web search which already exists.

Not Windows Live Global Search, or Windows Live Desktop, but just plainly Windows Live Search. WL Search will include searching the web, your PC, and (for enterprises) your Intranet. Intranet searching requires the use of a Sharepoint Server. The idea is to tie in the same branding to preserve a consistant experience across the WL Search technologies. In my opinion, unless they can integrate the two products so much that one is indistinguishable from the other, there should be some sort of indicator as to which product you are dealing with. Chris wrote about the specifics of the product when it was first announced here. Of course we will update when more details arise.

For the record, the final name IS NOT Windows Live Search, but it is really confusing while they stick with it. In closing, let's just take a look at a few rants from around the blogosphere:

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