Windows Live Search takes to the desktop

At the CEO Summit today, a new Windows Live search client was demoed, codenamed Casino. Complete with the Windows Live Flair header and the Orb, the new client is designed to bring a user's search experience together in one location. The search client allows for searching across multiple PCs, as well as across the internet or your local intranet, essentially combining Windows Desktop Search with Windows Live Search. The client includes a rich preview feature, showing in-line information from documents and webpages, complete with relevant highlighting. From PressPass:

Microsoft Windows Live Search, a Single Point of Entry As part of the broader enterprise information management strategy, Microsoft is developing an enterprise search solution that provides a simple, secure, single point-of-entry for searches across corporate networks, desktops and the Internet. “For context, we’ve been hearing from customers that are frustrated by the inefficiency of having to use different search tools to get information from different content sources,” Johnson explains. “What they want is one central location to search and view results.” To that end, the company will deliver a solution called Windows Live Search, which offers a single user interface (UI) to help people find and use all the information they care about from across the entire enterprise and beyond. It essentially binds together previously separate search solutions including Windows Desktop Search, Intranet search provided by Microsoft Office SharePoint Server 2007 and Internet search via Windows Live Search, among others. Any information available to any of these systems can be exposed in one place, instantly showing relevant and actionable search results from all its enterprise data sources, from the desktop and from the Web. Rich filtering and customizable control will allow people to personalize their Windows Live Search experience. For example, through a single UI, information workers will actually be able to choose when and where to search based on multiple toolbars and query refinement options. Using natural search terms, Windows Live Search can return results in whatever way makes most sense to each information worker – inline, grouped by category, etc. Powerful previews and visualizations of the data can then help people more quickly determine what action to take. To illustrate, a sales representative trying to find information about a customer she plans to visit could gather the needed data by accessing Office SharePoint Server 2007, initiating a search and pulling business data from a Siebel application in addition to gathering data off her desktop using Windows Desktop Search. However, the same search could be performed from within Windows Live Search to produce all of the relevant desktop, e-mail, intranet and Internet results. Furthermore, when the sales representative clicks through the results, she will see they are actually displayed from that same window. Windows Live Search displays full results without navigating away or opening additional applications.