Windows Live Search (client) demo available on-demand

WLSearch new icon.gif
The Windows Live Search (client) demo that was given a few days ago is now available in the on-demand webcast. Skip through to 27.03 and you'll be able to see some of what the product can do. Remember, this isn't the web search, its the search client. Unfortunately for the guys working on it, the whole naming issue has ruined any good press it might have got. Why they didn't stick to just using the codename I don't know. Here are some quotes from the team blog to help explain to you what its all about (emphasis by me):

We are a Windows Live product team at Microsoft devoted to helping you find, organize, and work with your stuff no matter what it is or where it lives. … But we aren't only providing a solution for Enterprises! We're building the next-generation search application for Windows, and we want to take search to the next level for all kinds of users. … Right now we're focused on delivering a public beta release later this summer. But between now and then we'd like to start sharing some of our ideas with you. We're anxious to hear your feedback

Previously posted screenshot (Click to enlarge):


Got a suggestion for the name of this product? Let us know so we can find somwhere to place the team blog in our sidebar that won't confuse every reader we have. We're betting on Windows Live Search Desktop (original aren't we) though it has a rather unfortunate acronym.