Windows Live Mail experiences issues – Rolled back to M5

WLMail new icon.gifEarlier today (or late last night depending on your timezone) Windows Live Mail was rolled back to its previous build, undoing the M6 upgrade users experienced at the beginning of the week. As the post on the Mail team blog notes, this was due to availability issues experienced by some users, therefore by restoring M5 everybody can access their mail again.

For all you Firefox users out there, this means that you're getting our Classic Hotmail experience for the time being. Don't worry "we'll get your new Windows Live experience working as soon as we can. And if you've been enjoying your Russian language version of Windows Live Mail, we'll bring that right back, too

One interesting part of that paragraph is the mention of Russia. I was told recently that Microsoft online services have not been natively supported in that region until the recent build of Windows Live Messenger beta, so I'm glad to see that support across the platform is being created for those users. I know there has been a lot of controversy about lack of browser support, but I've never seen anybody raise a fuss because Microsoft was not supporting the world's 8th largest population. There's some food for thought. Thanks to Kris Hoet from MSN EMEA for discussing this with me on Tuesday at the London Live Sessions. Read more: Kinks with M6