Motorola to deliver Messenger phone, more hardware to come

WLSoon icon.gifFrom the Microsoft press release (emphasis is mine):

During his keynote today at the Microsoft Windows Hardware Engineering Conference (WinHEC) 2006, Gates announced that more partners are coming. Microsoft announced that Motorola is the newest hardware partner for Windows Live services and will ship dual-mode cordless phones later this year. Gates also announced plans to make it easier than ever to build new hardware solutions for Windows Live services. Microsoft announced a new software development kit (SDK) from Microsoft that will be released in beta form later this summer, designed to give device creators the software tools they need to interface their devices with Windows Live services. As part of plans to spur hardware innovation for services Microsoft also announced it has made an agreement with leading chip manufacturer DSP Group to create reference designs that will make it even easier for hardware developers to create devices for Windows Live. Add all of this up – as well as news that these devices are being embraced by retailers – and Microsoft has collaborated with its hardware partners and retailers to create an entirely new platform – and market – for communications devices since Windows Live's announcement just months ago, according to Ervan Pouliquen, senior product manager for Windows Live. … And according to Pouliquen, the new phones fit into a broader spectrum of communications devices including headsets, webcams and more, all designed to work with Windows Live to create new, exciting and fun ways for consumers and small businesses to communicate. "We want to make Windows Live available anytime, anywhere", he says. “Motorola, Phillips and Uniden have found new ways to make home phones more clever, and some of the other devices our partners Microsoft Hardware, Plantronics and Logitech are working on, such as webcams and headsets, will facilitate a richer voice and video experience as well. It's all about helping customers connect to the people and information that matters most to them, and to talk, see and share with their friends and family."