Active Search: New in Windows Live Mail Desktop

maildesktop.pngThe Windows Live Mail Desktop Beta blog announces Active Search, soon to be available to a small group of beta participants in the US. This new feature searches email for relevant terms, and then provides search links automatically, without having to cut and paste those terms into a search application. The blog entry gives more details, including information on the significant steps being taken to protect privacy:

* never looks for keywords at all if you've switched Active Search off  *really, off means off * never looks for keywords in files attached to your email messages * only looks for keywords in email messages and RSS articles marked as "safe" by our Junk Email Filter * avoids looking for sensitive data like credit card numbers or social security numbers that may pop up in your mail from time to time and for which search results would be of little use. If you want verification of the way we're doing things, you don't have to just listen to us. To help provide an extra level of assurance that we're meeting the bar we set for ourselves in terms of helping protect your privacy, we have worked with Jefferson Wells, an external auditing company, to conduct a full privacy audit of our Active Search for Windows Live Mail Desktop client component. The results were great and you can find their report on their website.

Update: Screenshot Added