Spaces ready to compete with MySpace

Spaces icon.gifThe Spaces url change, switching blogs from to, has just been completed. The update was delayed several times in the past week. (Thanks View Master for the tip).

While I originally voiced the opinion that 3 url changes in 1 year was too much for users to take, the necessity behind the current change has been fuelled by the rapid growth in Spaces. Supporting 100 million unique visitors per month is no small task, and the upcoming social networking features, currently in limited regional testing, will put further load on the Spaces backend.

One's thing for sure though, the Spaces team need to launch their new features as soon as possible to stand any chance of competing with MySpace. However even then, I think they are going to rely on the Windows Live platform a lot in order to keep users heading there. Already we are seeing this, with both Live Contacts and Live Profiles now hosted on Spaces, although at this moment in time, users do not require a Space to be able to utilise them. That may change with Friends, the Spaces social networking feature due to launch in the next few months that features substantial integration in Windows Live Messenger, and does require users to have a Space. Will Friends be enough though? Roll on the next update and lets find out.