The Windows Live Messenger release saga continues

WLMessenger new icon.gifThe release date for Windows Live Messenger has been debated on the internet and across the blogs for the past few weeks. First, it was reported by WinFuture that Live Messenger would be released on Friday, June 16th. Later, they retracted their projected release date and proclaimed that the release had been delayed. Well, now we have another entry into the the release date speculation.

Lapytsh is now reporting that Windows Live Messenger will be released on Monday, June 19th. The actual post is in French, but it reports that Microsoft plans to have their internal launch party for WL Messenger on the 19th.

As we've told you many times before, we do not necessarily like to predict release dates as they can slip at a moment's notice, so take this with a little bit of caution. Here's to hoping that we see the release on the 19th!