“Windows Live Spaces is coming!” says the Space Craft

Spaces icon.gif

The latest from the blog of record for Spaces announces that Windows Live Spaces is coming soon. Included in the new release will be Friends Module, the new social networking tool, and Friends Explorer, a way to create new friendships. Friends Explorer will be integrated with and accessible through the recently released Windows Live Messenger. In a bit of news, while there will be banner ads, you will be able to switch them off, apparently by subscribing to Hotmail Plus. The Title and tagline of your Spaces will no longer be limited to the header, and you will be able to place it "wherever you want in your space". Other new features include breadcrumbing, a new navigation module, and inclusion of Windows Live Gadgets. The new release will require one more URL change, presumably to the spaces.live.com domain.


The Space Craft