Messenger Plus! Live released

WLMessenger new icon.gifI do not normally post about third party addons to Windows Live products, but Messenger Plus! is the exception to the rule. Created by a developer who goes by the name of Patchou, Messenger Plus! has become the most popular addon for MSN Messenger. When word came that Windows Live Messenger would be a complete revamping and rebranding, Patchou apparently decided that Plus! needed to change along with it. On Saturday, version four of the plugin was released under the name Messenger Plus! Live.

Features of Plus! Live include: – Tabbed Chats – Password protection for WL Messenger – Connect with multiple Messenger accounts at once – Increase the maximum size of messages you can send – Improved Chat Logging – Chat log encryption – Personalized status and away message It's definitely a very cool application and it's worth a good hard look. Here's what we all want to know though: When is tabbed chatting coming to Windows Live Messenger without the need of a plugin? It is obviously one of the most requested features, so here's to hoping it's in the works. Download Messenger Plus! Live