The first sign of a Windows Live promotional push

WLSoon icon.gifWe all know that in order for Windows Live to succeed, Microsoft needs to make the general public more aware of what exactly Windows Live is. In the first attempt (of hopefully many) to tell the Windows Live story, Microsoft has launched Inside Live.

Inside Live is a pretty cool flash site, complete with Flair, that takes you inside the life of a couple of Windows Live employees. The initial version of the site features Leah Pearlman of Windows Live Messenger and Reeves Little of Windows Live Mail. Inside Live takes you through a short interview with each of the employees and gives the viewer a little glimpse of their office.

This site is definitely done pretty well and with Scoble departing from Microsoft, you have to get your interview fix somewhere! It is good to see that Microsoft is making the promotional push with Windows Live, but I'm not sure that the office locations are quite right. :)

So, the next time that someone asks you what Windows Live is, take a line from the site, "Windows Live is where you find what you need, wherever you are."

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