Interview with Kurt Weber from Windows Live Expo

Expo pic logo.jpgWith the recent release of Windows Live Expo, we took this opportunity to sit down with Kurt Weber, Group Program Manager for Expo. In this interview, we talk about what the team learned from the Expo beta process, API's and mashups, international plans, and where Expo is going in the future. Enjoy!

:00 Introductions (Who are you and what do you do?)
1:04 The Beta Process
2:00 Where's the Flair??
2:50 API's and mashups (BlockRocker)
4:00 What's new in this release?
6:17 The differencenes between Expo, Product Search, and Shopping.Live.
7:42 International Plans
9:02 Do you want to be an eBay competitor?
9:40 Where is Expo going in the future?
Total Length: 10 minutes and 53 seconds
File Size: 9.98 MB

LiveSide with Kurt Weber

For more information on Windows Live Expo, visit their team blog:

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