Audio tour of Windows Live Mail m7

WLMail new icon.gifAt Gnomedex a couple of weeks ago I had the opportunity to talk to Steve Kafka, program manager for Windows Live Mail. As part of that conversation, Steve showed me around "m7", the milestone 7 beta release of Windows Live Mail. Steve talks about the new features, and some of the thinking behind the return of checkboxes, the desire for a storage meter even though 2gb with more to come should be plenty of storage (has it only been a year since Hotmail provided 2mb? – seems like ancient history), and an improved first run experience.

Now that Ellie has provided some background and some screenshots, we can post the interview.

LiveSide with Steve Kafka, an audio m7 tour

00:15 New additions: loading indicator, basic version, storage meter, recently updated Spaces
03:18 Checkboxes, drag & drop improvements, improved first run
07:09 Spell check on/off, rte for sigs
08:21 Print contacts
09:48 Contact import
12:11 More languages, you link
13:49 Search contacts, perf improvements

Total run time 15:56
mp3 file: 7.29mb