Try Windows Live Mail M7 for yourself

WLMail new icon.gifEarlier in the week, as you know, we were able to get a sneak peek at Windows Live Mail M7 via the Mail Team's blog. The best part is that now you can check out the M7 release for yourself.

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This release does not contain many user interface changes other than what you see above for the Today screen (the emails/names have been rubbed out). See Darren's Post from earlier in the week to see what is new this time around.

Ok, here's how you get a look at the release:

1. Login to Windows Live Mail.
2. Navigate to
3. Watch the magic.

That's all there is. Once you fire it up, be sure to have Steve Kafka walk you through the new release!

Update: Some users are reporting that you have to browse to in order to change bays. So, if you are having trouble, give that a shot.