Windows Live Spaces is In the News

Spaces icon.gifWell I said that Windows Live Spaces would go live "any day now", and today Paul Thurrott says middle of August (what, two weeks away??), but wait, this guy, a Spaces dev, no less, says next week!

Anyway whenever it comes out, and expect it sooner rather than later, the PR push is on. Spaces was featured prominently in the Financial Analyst's Meeting, where Ray Ozzie pushed Windows Live as a development platform (don't forget to check out Windows Live Gallery, and Kevin Johnson touted some pretty impressive numbers.

"Now we are working from a large user base of services today. We are uniquely positioned with over 320 million Live IDs—unduplicated accounts, these are Live IDs, people that they sign in and they've used at least one of our services in the last 30 days. We are uniquely positioned. Our communication services: Messenger is now over 240 million users, Mail over 260 million users, Spaces over 120 million users. In our program content area in MSN we've seen page views grow over 32 percent. We've got new categories of Live services, and we're complementing that with some subscription services such as OneCare."

PC World, CNet, and Paul Thurrott all have Spaces stories today, (links via Mike Torres). Of course LiveSide will keep you up to date, and I'm off to Redmond tomorrow to drink some of that good Spaces kool-aid. (Just kidding Moz!!). Expect some show and tell soon!