More Mobile on the way

WLMobile icon.gifRecently I got a demo of some upcoming Windows Live Mobile applications, one of which, the Live Local mobile application, has just been updated and is available for public download.

As with G2, the new mobile Messenger client for smartphones, the Live Local application is impressive, both in terms of performance and features. While Messenger helps you waste away the spare minutes you have, Local could turn out to be the must-have application of the group. Built-in position determining via GPS or Wifi, pushpins and driving directions are some of the newest feature additions.

I also saw a working mobile version of, complete with mobile search and gadget integration, as well as Spaces and Mail shortcuts (pictures linked below). Expect to see this available soon. Mobile pictures

Top of the page, showing Spaces and Mail icons and search box:

Feeds and Gadgets both display correctly:

Page options, including the ability to signin and personalise your mobile page: