Windows Live Spaces Audio Tour Part One: Social Networking

Spaces icon.gifMoz Hussain, Group Program Manager for Spaces, and Jay Fluegel, Lead PM, Spaces, invited me to come to Redmond last Friday and get a little preview of a couple of the new aspects of Spaces; Social Networking and Gadgets. In the first half of this audio tour, Moz takes us through active contact updates, friends of friends, friends explorer, contact control, and social search.

Our friend Brandon LeBlanc has some more on Spaces, too, check out his interview with Mike Torres

Download WL Spaces Audio Tour Part One: Social Networking

We designed social networking around real friends and how it works in real life Start with who you know >> access Friends list for your Mail and Messenger contacts Explore their friends >> Friends Explorer and Contact Card Bring them closer >> Contact Control Control your world >> Permissions and Communications Preferences and Profiles

Here's the screenshots Moz references in the audio tour: Comscore on Spaces: Growth Chart

What's new in Windows Live Spaces?

The New Home Page

Friends of Friends

Friends Explorer